Playwright and motivational speaker Uncle Ebo Whyte to visit Ashesi

Mr. James Ebo Whyte, more commonly referred to as Uncle Ebo Whyte, is once again coming to speak at Ashesi - this time on relationships. Known as one of Ghana's best motivational speakers and a respected relationship counselor, Uncle Ebo Whyte will be in Ashesi to speak with students on building better, stronger relationships and understanding sex. This will be a great time for students to engage with one of Ghana's most experienced relationship advisors.

When: Wednesday, 4th April, 2012.

Session 1
Time: 11.45 am
Venue: Lecture Hall 116

Session 2
Time: 3.10 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall 115

“Almost everyone knows about sex but very few know and understand sexuality and yet without a proper appreciation of sexuality, sex (which is a very small part of our sexuality) becomes a trap that destroys love and even lives.” - James Ebo Whyte