Born, raised and now back in Ghana, Patrick Nutor has also studied in the US and France. He is the founder and Managing Director of Accu-Computers Ltd. and Accu-Works Ltd., both based in Accra, Ghana. Previously, he worked as a senior field engineer at Schlumberger Wire Line Services where he oversaw a crew of eight people and generated over $6 million in revenue for Schlumberger. While at Schlumberger, Nutor worked in Italy, Angola and the Congo. Nutor holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and has done graduate research in Super Conducting Field Effect Transistors and other devices. Patrick Nutor has been involved in Ashesi's development since the project was first being seriously evaluated. He assisted the team of four students from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business that traveled to Ghana in the summer of 1998 to conduct a feasibility study of the university project. He provided advice on both strategic issues and logistical challenges we faced (the latter being particularly important when operating in a country experiencing scheduled blackout periods due to energy shortages!).

As an advisor, Nutor has already begun giving quick, frank feedback to the US management team by email and phone. We're delighted to have his input and look forward to culling more knowledge from this energetic entrepreneur.