As part of a celebration of Ashesi's 5th anniversary, members of the Red Cross Society of Ashesi University College visited the Street Kids Academy on April 31, 2007. The Academy caters for about 75 children (between the ages of 7-18 years) in the community who are unable to access the formal education system. Students at the Academy are taught English, Math, cultural drumming and dancing. They also engage in recreational activities such as soccer and boxing.

The Red Cross Society was able to collect monetary donations as well groceries, books shoes and clothing for the students. The students accompanied by the Dean of Students spent most of a day interacting with the children. They introduced themselves to the children, gave them advice, engaged them in riddles and shared ice-cream with them. To show their appreciation one of the children, Pascal, a budding musician, entertained the Ashesi visitors with two songs.

The staff and children expressed their gratitude for the visit. They added that a pressing need for the students was stationery. The Red Cross Society assured them of their continual commitment and said they will endeavor to provide stationery for the students.