To kick-start the school year, student leaders at Ashesi participated in the inaugural Leadership Summit organised by the Office of Student and Community Affairs. On the theme, Own your experience, the summit was an opportunity for student leaders to engage one another, alumni and university administrators on spearheading student-led initiatives on campus.

“There is a need to recognise all student leaders who are serving in our community,” said TK Azaglo, Associate Dean of Students. “And beyond the recognition, we want to train them so that they learn to work together as a unit. We also wanted a way to bring all student leaders together so they understand the significant role they play in shaping the community and creating a good experience for the students.”

As part of the summit, the student leaders engaged in a series of exercises and activities that touched on various aspects of the student leadership experience. The first of its kind, the summit also brought together alumni, who had served in student leadership while they were students at Ashesi, to serve as mentors and resource persons for the student leaders.

“I believe coming back to campus to spend time with the students gave them a sense of belonging, such that they can learn first-hand from people who were in their shoes a little while back,” said George Neequaye ’14, former Outreach Chairperson of the Student Council. “Whatever problem we faced and overcame in our tenure, they too can learn and overcome or even better, avoid such problems.”

Ashesi President, Dr. Patrick Awuah, rounded off the summit, interacting with the group on how they could effectively serve the community.

“Ashesi is what it is today, because of the actions of successive student council teams,” he said. “Every single Student Council team has had an impact on this institution. They’ve had an impact on the culture of Ashesi, they’ve had an impact on the sense of well-being of students, they’ve had an impact on the reputation of their alma mater, and they’ve had an impact on the sense that alumni have about their alma mater. So will you. The role you’re taking on, is a consequential one, for good or for ill.”

“The leadership summit was a good opportunity to hear from alumni who served in student government,” said Edwin Adatsi ’19, Student Council President. “I gained further insight about my role, some of the problems that it may come with and how I can overcome them. I appreciated the advice I got from the alumni I spoke to because they inspired and motivated me to do my best in managing my team to achieve great results.”

Student-led leadership at Ashesi is spearheaded by the Ashesi Student Council, made up of the Executive Arm, Judicial Arm and Parliamentary wing.