For the second year in a row, student government leaders in Ashesi were selected through a run-off election. For the next academic year, Edwin Adatsi ‘19 will lead the Ashesi Student Council, supported by Benjamin Annan ‘19, Vice President. Christopher Zanu ’19 and Etornam Dotse '19 were also elected to chair the Judicial and Electoral Committee.

The election period which saw a voter turnout of 70% of the student population closed two weeks of campaigning, lobbying and debating, as the candidates vyed for various respective student offices.

In the end, Edwin won narrowly in the run-off, winning 51.6% of the votes cast. Over the next few days before the formal inauguration, Edwin and Benjamin will be putting together a new team to steer the affairs of Ashesi’s student community.

“I look forward to a very collaborative environment in the Ashesi community where the goal of creating and living an experience would be paramount above all,” he said. “It has always been about the student body. Being a part of the very first Engineering batch in Ashesi, running for student leadership was a heavy decision; to move out of my comfort zone and bring an Engineering mindset of structure and problem-solving to the Ashesi community.”

The two plan to focus on “fostering a collaborative community” where the goal of empowering students to create and own their Ashesi experiences will be brought to the fore. They also plan to work to improve other key components of student life, including sports, entertainment and general well being.