November 22, 2017 –To ignite positive action, to empower people and to educate, - according to leading Ghanaian radio personality Nhyria Addo,- are the core roles of the media in the society.

He shared this perspective as part of his talk themed Politics, the Media and Social change, on his visit to the Leadership IV class.

Speaking on the role of the media in inspiring change within communities, Mr. Addo, member of the morning-show team of Accra-based radio station Joy FM, highlighted the need for high standards and quality news reporting.

“When you turn to the media to be inspired, to be given instruction and to be illuminated, but instead, you’re sold mirages, you end up walking away completely lost,” the broadcaster said. “In whatever way you transmit broadcast, it’s got to be done in such a way that the core ethics of what the media was set up for - to inform, to inspire and to empower people- are applied.”

His talk formed part of the  class’s guest lecture series, where speakers, usually thought leaders, join the class to share their perspectives on areas of interest, profession or influence. As part of the talk, he shared his experience on the radio landscape, interacting with the class on lessons learned, challenges faced and successes chalked.

“What society do we want to exist in ten years from now?” He asked the class. “Those are the kind of questions we’re going to have to answer soon. We are not going to reinvent the media. We can change it. We can turn it into a useful tool, as opposed to the weapon that it is today. And this starts with us as citizen journalists."