In early 2005 Ashesi University officially established the Career Placement Office to help students identify and successfully pursue rewarding careers. In the months leading up to Ashesi's first graduation in December 2005 the soon-to-be-graduates participated in Career Placement office programmes such as resume writing workshops, career fairs, coaching for interviews and counseling on career choices. All of this hard work has now paid off.

As of March 2006, just three months after graduation, ninety percent of the class of 2005 have found employment. Ashesi’s first graduates can be found working in top firms including Origin8 S&S, CalBank and Rancard Solutions. Ashesi Computer Science majors are now product managers in several software development firms, while some of their Business Administration counterparts are well placed in management training programmes at prestigious financial institutions. Congratulations to the Class of 2005!

In addition to helping to find employment for Ashesi graduates the office also works with existing students to place them in internships with top companies such as Ecobank and CocaCola Corporation. Ms. Adzo Amegayibor, Associate Director of the Career Placement Office works hard to match the right student with the right company, and so far has been very successful. Ms. Amegayibor states, “I am glad to assist Ashesi students in finding rewarding jobs that will give them an opportunity to get out there and make a difference in our community.”

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