The African Renaissance Movement, an on—campus organization in its recent newsletter, named Dr. Princess Awoonor—Williams, personality of the year 2005. Dr. Princess J. Awoonor-Williams is a Development Economist with specialized interests in Gender, Poverty, Productivity, and Labor, issues. She began her education at Achimota School in Ghana and continued in the U.S to gain her masters and doctorate degrees respectively at Howard University.

She has worked diversely in her field and is a professor at Ashesi, teaching courses in micro and macroeconomics, international trade and policy and leadership. Some of her notable appointments have been: chairman of Macroeconomic Stability CSPG (Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy Update) and Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs in Ghana.

Dr. Awoonor—Williams has won many awards, but the one that marked her as a sweetheart to the student body was presented to her by the students themselves in recognition of her participation in the Ashesi business week. As a fully active member of the Ashesi community, she is the motivation behind many student initiatives such as the Ashesi Investment Society and Students in Software Development. Her bubbly personality and wit draws not only students, but faculty and staff to her. Her classes are always exciting with her wealth of experience coupled with input from important policy makers who visit as guests and interact with her students.

As an intellectual, Dr. Awoonor—Williams knows how to let her hair down around her students and still maintain their respect and admiration for her. Her tough, yet sweet demeanor and exceptional intelligence make her a unique person who is worthwhile knowing. She truly deserves to be, the personality of the year.