Four Ashesi students were selected to participate in the 18th annual Geneva Model United Nations (GIMUN) conference, in Geneva, Switzerland. Started in 1999 by the United Nations, the GIMUN offers students a unique multilateral platform to discuss various global issues that the United Nations handles.

The students, Nadia Amasa '18, Molife Chaplain '20, Sasha Ofori '20 and Esther Akoto '17, joined over 150 other student-delegates from across the world at the convening from the 25th to the 31st of March. Held at the headquarters of the United Nations, the GIMUN which is run entirely by students gives participants the opportunity to debate, lobby and propose solutions for global concerns. 

“It was quite the experience,” said Nadia Amasa. “I recently have unearthed a passion for debating, and I figured a great place to grow would be on the highest and most impactful setting – a great opportunity to learn out of my comfort zone. Also, through the experience, I gained a better understanding of the various organs of the UN, while taking advantage of the opportunity to expand my networks.”

Besides being a simulation, the GIMUN gave the students the rare opportunity to actively contribute to policies and diplomatic conversations at the heart of the United Nations. The GIMUN also works in connection with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, one of the principal organs of the United Nations, as a medium to collect youth perspectives.

“Going into the conference, I had a mix of expectations about what the experience would be like,” said Molife Chaplain who was adjudged the best delegate in the Security Council. “However, I got a lot more than I expected; I made friends and gained people’s respect – all helping me to realize how perception of people may in some cases be warped. For me to go in and have a meaningful say; I had been able to achieve something I had not thought possible.”

Talking to and meeting people from all over the world from different backgrounds helped me realize the world is a lot more than we may see it to be,” said Sasha Ofori. “No matter how much information the media throws at you, personal encounters with individuals give you a richer outlook at life and about people.”

Not only does the GIMUN offer delegates an opportunity to engage in an interactive and diplomatic atmosphere, but also, it offers them the platform to improve on personal skills.

“It was an opportunity for me to harness some of the skills I have already picked up at school; negotiation and presentation,” said Esther Akoto. “Though I’m a Business Administration major, it was an opportunity to explore some of my other interests in economic development and children’s right. I definitely took a lot away from the table.”