It's after hours on the Administration wing at Ashesi, and all the activity has just about died down, save the clinking of keys and rhythmic opening and shutting of doors, and one pair of strong, quick footsteps echoing down the hallway. The lone bundle of activity belongs to David Mokas Hiametu, as he moves from office to office, making sure all windows are shut, all air conditioners and other appliances turned off, and all is set for work the following day. If there’s a leak or a squeak, it doesn’t miss his watchful eyes

For David and other members of the Logistics and Facilities team, who are usually the first to get to campus and the last to leave, this is a daily affair – working around the clock to ensure Ashesi’s facilities function effectively.

“When I joined Ashesi in 2006, I quickly came to understand the school’s mission- one built on excellence,” said David. “One of the first things I was also taught here was to not just know how things work around here, but to be able to sense the state of the machines, and be responsive to all the facilities we have here. Knowing that the work we do ensures that future leaders can receive a quality education is what drives us daily to keep the institution in good shape.”

Over the years, Ashesi’s Logistics and Facilities team has grown steadily. Not only is the team responsible for maintenance of all of the school's infrastructure, it also manages the transport fleet, water treatment plant and also third party staff including janitors and security.

"As a department, our work is driven by Ashesi’s mission of excellence,” said Casper Annie, Director of the Logistics and Facilities department. “Essentially, we work to ensure that other teams and departments can get their work done. More importantly, we work together with all parts of Ashesi to fulfil the objectives of producing excellent students -  and this is what drives the team to work hard, to go the extra mile, to leave here late and come here before everyone else.”

While Ashesi’s permanent campus has only been in Berekuso for just over five years, the team’s efforts has already gained national attention. In 2016, Ashesi was awarded best school garden in Ghana while in 2015, Ashesi’s hostels received the Educational Facility construction award.

“Growing up, our father taught us to be hardworking,” said Theophilus Hiametu, Estate Officer and also brother of David Hiametu. Working in Ashesi, especially on the Operations team is similar to being in the military. We are always ready to be called on duty, no matter the time or occasion, what needs to done must be done. I find myself in a special place; helping students achieve amazing goals, so we must make sure that nothing they need is unattended to.”

As Ashesi continues to strive for excellence in training students to be impact-makers and thought leaders for the African continent, the work the Logistics and Facilities team does; from the ensuring clocks in the classrooms run, to keeping the lawns manicured, to clean bathrooms, running water, is largely the force that buoys our audacious goal. Ashesi’s continued excellence is on the backs of a small team of men and women who on a daily basis give their all to ensure that the missions stays alive.