December 5, 2016 – Students of Ashesi’s Real Estate Development class had the opportunity to work with Professor Clement Lutterodt and his wife, Dr. Sarah Lutterodt in exploring affordable housing projects in Accra. In a short exhibition, the teams displayed findings of their research and proposed models for the project.

In looking to develop a project to provide affordable housing in Anyaa, a suburb of Accra, the Lutterodts teamed up with students in the Real Estate Development class to carry out feasibility studies and a development plan for the project. Additionally, the couple provided funding to student teams that were involved in the project.

“From speaking with the lecturer of the class, Dr. Agyepong, we felt it would be a good opportunity for the students to gain some real-world experience,” said Professor Lutterodt, Associate Chairman of Mathematics at Howard University.  

“I certainly have learned a lot about what we would have to think about in developing the property,” added Dr. Sarah Lutterodt. “From the reports, we also learned how difficult it is to find affordable housing in Accra. We are grateful for the information shared by the students as it will guide us in some of the decisions we need to make on the project.”

Ashesi’s Real Estate Development class aims to expose students to the real estate industry in Ghana. Through working on projects and engaging with professionals in the industry, students gain hands on experience in the class.

“Over the years, in teaching real estate, we’ve done some feasibility studies for fictitious projects, but this time I wanted a situation where there was a lot more at stake,” said Dr. Sena Agyepong, lecturer of the class. “Knowing that there’s a real client on the project, there’s a little bit more pressure, but it’s also exciting. I also thought it would be great for the students as well, as it gives them good experience for when they graduate.”

Supporting the Real Estate Development class in the project is part of the Lutterodts continued support of academic programs at Ashesi. Earlier this year, the couple donated a parcel of land to Ashesi’s D:Lab for a five-year period, to be used for projects.