November 30, 2016 - In a brief ceremony at the Norton-Motulsky hall, the Ashesi community ushered in a new batch of student leaders to head the Ashesi Student Council (ASC). Started over fourteen years ago, the ASC’s purpose is to serve students and the rest of the Ashesi community, in creating both a vibrant educational and social environment. The year-long tenure is preceded by an electoral process, where students vote the executives into office.

This year, following a historic election season, Michael Amponsah ’18 and Justice Nyamadi ‘18 take the helm as President and Vice President respectively for the 2017/2018 academic year.

“This is how we define reality; a vibrant and borderless Ashesi campus, a financially independent ASC and a transparent and result oriented ASC,” Michael Amponsah said, in his first address to the student body. “That is the reality we seek to arrive at. In between this reality and saying thank you, we are servants. We are ready to take the mantle with gratitude as chief servants, serving the well-being of the students.”

In handing over to the new crop of leaders, Kwabena Bamfo’ 17, the out-going ASC President shared the value of leadership as students at Ashesi, recounting his experience over the past year.

“When I decided to run for ASC, it wasn’t necessarily because I wanted to be a student politician,” said Kwabena Bamfo ’17.  “It was a step out of my comfort zone. It was the entire team moving out of our comfort zones to try out leadership positions, and that’s what Ashesi is for. We come here with different mindsets and get shaped in a different way. There’s nothing beyond any of us here.”

Speaking at the ceremony was Dr. Patrick Awuah who commended the outgoing team for their work done, while welcoming the new team for the year ahead.

“It’s not just about the outgoing ASC or the new one, but it’s about the student body, that you all got behind this process and actively took part. It’s good to see all of you totally engaged,” said Dr. Awauh. “We have a shared vision and a shared goal of building a great African university, not just for the sake of a great African university, but for a great Africa. and if we operate with that mindset, fifty years down the line, some future president of the ASC and some future president of Ashesi will work together to continue to improve this institution.”