December 1, 2016- Chief Executive Officer of Kimo Homes, Mohammed ‘Mo’ Issa visited Ashesi's leadership 4 class to speak on the value of being authentic. 

Drawing on his experience from being the founder and Chief Executive Office of one of Ghana’s leading retailer of high-quality and affordable tiles, sanitary ware and kitchen furniture, to a new-found realization in the pursuit of passion and fulfilment, Mr. Issa shared lessons of pursuing authenticity. 

“Authenticity is a deep self-discovery journey, it’s all about your self-awareness and your self-knowledge,” he said. “We need to face our fears, face our beliefs and listen to what our hearts say – that’s getting in line with our authenticity.”

Speaking on the Authenticity Project, an initiative he started to encourage the pursuit of a living a transformational life, Mr. Issa encouraged the students to live selflessly. “Through the project, we are trying to inspire people with stories, how to come out and live authentically, how to come out and really make a difference in our community,” he explained.  “It’s about living out one’s passion to serve the community.”

Also visiting the class was Ruka Sanusi, a business strategist whose work aims at providing support for startup entrepreneurs, particularly women, in helping them expand and transform their businesses. “Introspect on your journey and location and try and forge a transformational path for yourself and for others that you serve,” she said.  “Try and forge a transformation path in your personal relationships and for the society that you find yourself in.”