The Minster of Science & Environment, the Honorable Ms. Christine Churcher visited Ashesi University on Wednesday October 5th to learn about innovative ways to teach science and math in Ghana. During her visit, Ms. Churcher attended a Pre-Calculus class taught by Prof. Sitsofe Anku to observe how Ashesi students are learning mathematics in a way that challenges them apply mathematical principles to the world around them.

Ashesi students are actively involved in projects that enable them use math principles to solve problems that they see in their community. For example, students are exploring how math principles are used by domestic mobile telecommunications providers in customer billing, provision of wireless service, and marketing.

Prof. Anku stated, “There is a major problem in the way math is currently being taught throughout the country. And as a result, many of our young people are learning to hate math. Teachers must strive to help students see connections between mathematics and real life.”

Ms. Churcher was pleased by the participatory nature of the class in which students were asked to work in groups to solve problems and then present results to the entire class. She was impressed by how engaged the students were in the subject. In a brief address to the class Ms. Churcher stated that she sees the improvement of mathematics and science education as critical to the development of the country.