November 21, 2016 – Following the first run-off election in Ashesi’s history, the student body elected Michael Amponsah ’18 and Justice Nyamadi ‘18 to head the Ashesi Student Council (ASC) for the next academic year. Stephen Gyan ’18 and Harriet Mate-Kole ‘18 were also elected to head the Judicial and Electoral Committee (JEC).

In a historic election season that saw seven teams vying for leadership positions in student government, there was a palpable buzz on campus over the period, as candidates lobbied for votes from students.

“Not only was this year’s election and its associated activities a milestone in the history of Ashesi, but also it should serve as an inspiration for posterity to give off their best,” said Prince Kwarase ‘17, Judicial and Electoral Chairperson. “There is no doubt politics on campus got revived this year. We hope it helps push students to get involved in political discussions and also the change-process needed to create the transformed Africa we want.”

While the JEC-elect team, securing 53% of the votes cast, was declared outright winners after the first round of voting, the presidential election was decided in a run-off as none of the five contesting teams was able to secure the required 50% + 1 of votes cast.

For the run-off election involving the two teams with the highest votes from the first round, Michael Amponsah and Justice Nyamadi run against Kingsley Yankson ‘18 and Keziah Ofosu-Whyte ’18, and secured 58% of the votes cast.


“It was a tough road, but we’re glad we emerged winners,” said Michael Amponsah ’18, ASC President-elect. “We look forward to an exciting year, working with the student body to accomplish what we set out to do. We envision an ASC which will find creative ways to pull through challenges, make things work and deliver results.”