During the semester, the department of Academic Affairs at Ashesi holds research seminars periodically to give members of faculty the opportunity to share feedback on some of their research, and also learn about what their colleagues are doing.

“It is a forum for faculty to get together somewhat informally to present either ideas for research, or their actual research at any level of completion, for different purposes,” explained Provost Dr. Suzanne Buchele. “It is a great steering-point for faculty to give and get feedback about how things are progressing through on-going research, and get an outsider’s view on their work.”

For Dr. Oduro Frimpong whose current research focuses on Ghanaian popular media and its entanglement with sociopolitical issues, he took advantage of the seminar to help get different perspectives on his work.

“Most of the time when I present my research, it is to colleagues outside Ghana,” said Dr. Frimpong. “At this seminar though I get to present to people I interact with every day, and also get reactions and feedback from professionals based in Ghana, who are more conversant with my subject area. I also get a feel for whether my interpretation or analysis is relatable.”

While the research seminars provide a space for sharing knowledge, it also helps deepen the sense of community among the members of faculty.

“I think it helps build a certain camaraderie around faculty,” said Dr. Charles Jackson. “We get to have an idea of the research interests of our colleagues and it is also a great opportunity outside the lecture hall to get to know one other better, and to potentially spark some creative ideas for our own research.”