October 5, 2016- Senegal-based photographer Fabrice Monteiro was at Ashesi to speak on his widely acclaimed photo-series, The Prophecy. In a panel discussion organised by Ashesi’s Humanities and Social Sciences department, Monteiro shared insights into his inspiration for the project. Joining him on the panel were Ashesi faculty D.K. Ossoe-Asare, Kobina Graham and Dr. Oduro-Frimpong.

In creating The Prophecy with a Senegalese stylist known as Doulsy, Monteiro constructed a narrative that captures pictures of the world’s diminishing environmental state. The series highlights climate concerns, from ocean waste to careless consumer culture and wrongful disposal of plastic bags. His work is presented through haunting visuals which he “hopes will spark a discussion”.

“For me when it comes to talking about the environment, all I see is images of beautiful landscapes and the need to preserve it, or a terrible situation and the need to put at end it,” said Fabrice. “If you have the capacity to create something, it has to have a purpose. I want to send out a message that anyone on any level can relate to, because from there you can start a conversation.”

[Photography by Fabrice Monteiro, from The Prophecy]

Monteiro, who has previously used the art of photography to address social issues like genocide and slavery, shared the importance of using one's abilities or skills as a means of improving the state of the planet.

“If each one of us used their knowledge to try to improve the planet, we could create positive impact to change the planet,” he said. “In my experience, my weapons are my imagination and photography. My goal is to work towards doing things for the planet and not just myself. It’s about you and yourself and what you want to bring to the world.”

[Photography by Fabrice Monteiro, from The Prophecy]

Monteiro and Doulsy are in Ghana to work on the second version of The Prophecy. The duo will create and capture visuals of Agbogbloshie, an area in Accra notorious for its large e-waste dumpsites.