October 5, 2016 – In a short induction ceremony held at the Norton-Motulsky Hall, members of the Class of 2019 pledged to abide by and support the Ashesi Honour Code. The ceremony was organized by the Judicial and Electoral Committee of the Ashesi Student Council and the office of the Dean of Students. 

Started in 2008, the purpose of the Honour Code is to create an ethical environment for examinations, and by extension, for Ashesi's campus.

“The path you have set on is a very serious one and on this endeavor you must be as solid as a rock,” said Dr. Patrick Awuah, in congratulating the class at the ceremony. “Not only have you signed on to the values of this institution, but also to the legend of this institution. All kinds of things may move at Ashesi, but this part of Ashesi - the honour code, the culture of this place - does not move. I trust that when you’ve graduated and you’re out in the word, this will be the thing that you’re most proud of.”

Also speaking at the event was alumnus Bernard Ghartey ‘12, who charged the students to hold high ethical standards not only in Ashesi, but also, in the world beyond. “The real test of your integrity lies beyond the walls of Ashesi,” he said. “It is important you build a strong resolve to keep this promise because outside of these walls, your belief in maintaining honest values will not be enough. It needs to become a part of you, other than that, it will inevitably be corrupted by your surroundings. It is exceptionally important for you to know that the quality of the choices you make, especially with your association, defines your reputation.”

For a class to sign on to the Honour Code, at least two-thirds of that class must vote in the affirmative. The Class of 2019 exceeded this minimum, as some 76% of the class voted to join the Honour Code. With members of the entire Ashesi community serving as its witnesses, the class went on to collectively pledge to abide by the Honour Code, ensuring that the Honour Code continues to stay strong on campus. To close the ceremony, members of the class signed a scroll as evidence of their commitment to abide by and support the Honour Code.

“It feels as if we have joined the table of giants that have made Ashesi what it is,” said member of the class, Borcihe Kuipo ’19. “We are now the full embodiment of everything Ashesi stands for. It's the beginning of a journey that won't always be easy but will definitely be rewarding.”