September 14, 2016 – At the national finals of the 2016 edition of the Unilever IdeaTrophy competition, Jane Amerley Annan ‘17 and Wilma Amoo-Osae '17, working together on a team, emerged runners up.

Unilever IdeaTrophy is an annual business competition run by Unilever to create a challenging and creative experience for university students as well as introduce them to the realities of the business world.

For this year’s competition, Unilever Ghana selected 50 teams from over 400 applicants who competed in various challenges over several weeks. After the period, the four best performing teams were selected to compete in the national finals.

For Jane and Wilma, participating in the competition, all the way through to the national finals, gave them the opportunity to apply some of the lessons they have picked from the classroom and community at Ashesi.

“I have never appreciated Ashesi better,” said Wilma. “From how to dress for an event, to how to present, to making of slides, to business plan writing, to public speaking and even to looking critically at every detail.”

Jane, on her part picked up useful lessons from participating in the competition. “Learning to gel with your team no matter how difficult it is, was very important,” she said. “I have also learnt to speak up more and also listen more closely to others.”

In its fourth edition in Ghana, the Ideatrophy challenge gives Unilever an opportunity to provide top-level mentorship to students and also develop talent in the nation’s youth.

“The objective of the IdeaTrophy, is not just to challenge students, but also is aimed at discovering potential that lies within Ghana’s youth,” said Jennifer Dzifa Ayebi, Leadership Development Manager at Unilever Ghana. “The competition is designed to improve youth employability across Africa by providing students with a unique opportunity to work with real life business challenges and get access to Unilever’s world-class training and leaders. Furthermore it makes us one of the most desired employers for most talented graduates from across Africa.”