Three new staff members have recently joined our team to help manage the demands of our rapidly growing institution. Below is some brief information about the newest members of our community:

Ms. Catherine Evans-Totoe, Associate Dean of Student & Community Affairs. A graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Catherine has experience in both human resources and office management and is very familiar with the Ghana's business landscape. Catherine will help support the student community on campus, ensuring that their experience at Ashesi is the best it can be, locally, and with the community at large.

Mr. Alexander Tabi, Financial Officer. Alex has over 10 years of experience in finance and accounting, and has worked in the education sector since 1994. Having worked for Catholic Relief Services for four years, he is also familiar with the non-profit sector. Alexander is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the Ashesi team, and looks forward to helping Ashesi realize its mission by ensuring that we have the proper accounting systems in place.

Ms. Fafa Zormelo, Associate Dean of Admissions. Fafa holds an MBA from American University in Washington DC and is proficient in English, French, Spanish, and Ewe. She is a world traveler had has spent time living in English and French speaking countries in Africa, Europe and North America. Fafa aims to boost Ashesi's marketing efforts and recruit students who have the potential to be leaders. She seeks to identify students who have the capacity to help "resolve the basic problems in Africa as well as major global issues."

Congratulations to all of our new team members, and welcome to our community!